artist statement

My artistic practice is centred around the functional and aesthetic aspects of objects, their social relationship as well as the spacial and institutional context they are presented in.

Rooted in the scandinavian movement “The modern breakthrough” I see art as an important function in society, with a strong obligation to interact and relate to contemporary issues and other fields of work.

I find the method of working transdiciplinary important, because i believe that new knowledge and innovation, has the best conditions for thriving in environments where information can be exchanged freely across disciplines.


Master of Fine Arts

2017 - 2021

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art,Schools of Visual Arts

The School of Conceptual and Contextual Practices

by prof. Carla Zaccagnini / prof. Lisa Nyberg

Minor in Art Writing

2017 - 2021

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art,Schools of Visual Arts

The Institute of Art, Writing and Research 

Master of Arts in Design (exchange)


HEAD - Geneve, Space and Communication

Bachelor of Fine Arts

2014 - 2017

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art,Schools of Visual Arts

2014 - 2017

Walls and space, prof. Nils Norman

2014 - 2016 

BFA-school, lektor Pia Rönicke og lektor Luca Frei


2019 Axel Towers, “The Final Exhibition ll“

2018 Delphi, “bleeding but shared“


2018 Kulturstationen, “Postkort hjemmefra“

2018 Sommerhuskolonien ABC, “Kolonien ll“

2017 Organon, “SLOW MAZE“


2017 KRÆ Syndikatet, “Vi tar intet ansvar 5“

2017 Langelinje, “The Final Exhibition“

2017 The Pavillion, Charlottenborg Courtyard, “Common living“

Soloexhibition, virtual

2017 Tonenton, “A4 B4 closing“


2017 The Royal Danish Academy, “Robinson at Home“

Collaborative exhibition with Damien Andreiu

2016 Q, “Tropes“


2016 Tonenton, “Curatorial Tongues“

2016 Tonenton, “The Tower Rises“

2016 Projektrom Vera, “The ignorant schoolmaster“

2015 KW3, “Vi tar intet ansvar 3“

2015 Q, “Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademis Førsteårsudstilling“


2014 Tårnet, “Mælk og Kærlighed“


2013 Tårnet, “Kalkfelter“

2013 Ishøj, “Love will tear us apart“

2013 Søby, “Out of Place“

2012 Jægersborgsgade, “Alt i fald“